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GST Registration & GST Return Filling Services

Wadala, Kurla, Sion, Antophill Mumbai

We can help you get GST registration for your business within 24 hours while you sitting at your place with just a few clicks of a mouse.

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The long-awaited goods and services tax is a reality now, which subsumes most of the indirect taxes in it. While tax base will increase the complication of compliance is set to reduce. Now the tax is not on manufacturing, sale or provision of service but is on supply. The system of GST is such where the credit of the GST paid on Inward Supply can be set off towards the GST on outward supply where the chain of tax credit needs to remain intact. Under the new tax regime, all persons involved in the supply of goods or services are required to obtain registration of GST. Those who are not registered under GST shall not be allowed to collect GST from customers or claim input tax credit (ITC) on inward supply. GST Council has prescribed 20 Lakhs of turnover to be the threshold limit for registration under GST. However, for northeastern states, it is 10 Lakhs. The registration must be applied within 30 days of reaching the threshold limit. For GST, the term Aggregate Turnover means all supplies made by the taxable person whether on his own or behalf of a principal. However, in case of registered job worker, the turnover of supplies under job work won’t be included in his turnover.



In case the aggregate supply of goods or services of a person is more than Rs. 20 lakhs (10 lac in the north-eastern state) under one PAN. The said person need to apply for GST registration immediately and start collecting GST on all outward supplies.


In case a new entity is created out of amalgamation, merger whether by order of the high court or NCLT or due to the demerger of an existing business, the newly incorporated entity is required to obtain GST Registration with effect from such the date of merger or demerger.


A person was registered under any previous law of indirect tax like service tax, sales tax, excise etc., which got submerged into GST is required to migrate to the new GST regime and obtain the registration with effect from the appointed date, i.e 1st July 2017.


GST registration is compulsory irrespective of the turnover of the business, in case the person is making interstate supply and is a casual taxable person, or those need to pay tax on RCM, Non-Resident taxable person, Input Service Distributor, E-commerce Operator, etc.


In case of transfer of a business or due to the inheritance if a new person now owns the business then such new person is required to seek registered under GST with effect from the date of such transfer. and shall receive the credit for input of the old business


The persons which in the business of supply of goods or services which is not liable to tax under GST or which is wholly exempt. The second category of persons is agriculturist, engaged in cultivation from the soil. GST council is also empowered to notifies.

Key Features 

Points to make your decision easy


A GSTIN (GST Identification Number) is a unique PAN-based GST Registration Number issued by the GST authorities on successful registration in India. It is used to log in to GST portal and needed to claim input credits.

Threshold Limit

GST Registration is compulsory for persons, whose turnover exceed INR 20 Lakh. If your sales are less than INR 20 Lakh, you may voluntarily opt for GST Registration if you wish to avail benefits of ITC. In northeast states, a limit is INR 10 Lakh. Further, all persons who make interstate purchase or sales of services or goods have to apply for GST registration. Above limits do not apply to them.

GST Rates

GST has a six-tier rate structure. GST Rate depends on the type of goods or services. All goods and services fall under these rates. Currently, major tax rates are 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%. In the case of Gold, it is 3% at present. Some items are taxable at 0%.


Composition Scheme is applicable to small businesses whose turnover is less than INR 1.50 Crore. This means that these businesses do not have to charge and pay regular tax rates. Instead, they have a liberty to discharge GST liability @1% in case of traders and manufacturers and 5% in the case of restaurants. No input credit is available to them as they enjoy the benefit of concessional rates in GST.


SGST is State GST, CGST is Central GST and IGST is Integrated GST. In case of intrastate(within state) sales or purchase, SGST and CGST are equally levied. In the case of interstate (between states) trade, IGST is applicable.


Persons who wish to register voluntarily have many advantages. They can avail input tax credit. They can make interstate transactions without any restrictions. They may register on e-commerce websites and grow business. In all, they will have a competitive advantage over other un-registered businesses.

Documents Required for GST Registration

  • PAN of the Applicant
  • Aadhaar card
  • Proof of business registration or Incorporation certificate
  • Identity and Address proof of Promoters/Director with Photographs
  • Address proof of the place of business
  • Bank Account statement/Cancelled cheque
  • Digital Signature
  • Letter of Authorization/Board Resolution for Authorized Signatory

Process GST Registration & Filling

Fill a Simple Checklist

A Compliance Manager will get in touch with you to obtain your documents along with a simple checklist. You need to fill up that checklist and submit along with your documents for processing.


Our expert team will verify documents and proceed with registration formalities. All throughout the process, your dedicated Compliance Manager will keep you updated on the progress of GST Registration. We will apply for GST Registration online and provide you ARN immediately.

GST Certificate

GST Application and attached documents are verified by the officer. GSTIN and GST Certificate is generated once successfully registered.

GST Registration & Filling Online

Who needs to register :

  • Can be obtained voluntarily by anyone
  • On reaching 20 Lac turnover within state
  • Mandatory in case of Inter-State Supply.
  • When entering into foreign trade(Import/Export).
  • If liable to GST under Reverse Charge method.
  • Supply of Goods or Service through E-com Operator
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