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Import Export (IE) Code is a registration required for persons importing or exporting goods and services from India. IE Code is issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Government of India. IE Codes when issued can be used by the entity throughout its existence and doesn’t require any renewal or filing. Therefore, it is recommended for most organizations to obtain IE Code, irrespective of if they need it at the moment. IE Code application must be made to the Directorate General of Foreign Trade along with the necessary supporting documents. Once, the application is submitted, DGFT will issue the IE Code for the entity in 15 – 20 working days or less.

Import Export Code is required in following situation

  • When importers have to clear the shipments from the customs then it’s required by the customs.
  • When importers send the money to abroad via banks then it’s required by the banks through SWIFT Code.
  • When exporters have to send the shipments then its required by the customs port.
  • When exporters received the money in foreign currency directly into the bank then its needed by the banks.

Documents Required for Import Export Code(IEC) Registration

IEC Code Registration required following things :​ Individual Person

  • Personal or Company or Firm Pan Card Copy.
  • Personal aadhar card or voter id or passport copy.
  • Personal or company or firm current bank account cancel cheque copy.
  • Electricity Bill Copy or Rent Agreement or Sale deed of the premise copy.

Process for Import Export Code(IEC) Registration

Application Preparation

An Indiabizline Online Solutions Tax Expert will prepare your IE Code Application in the prescribed format along with the necessary supporting documents and obtain your signature in the application.

Application Processing

Once the application is prepared, Indiabizline Online Solutions will submit the IE Code Application to the Directorate General of Foreign Trade for further processing and allotment of IE Code.

IE Code Allotment

Once the application and the attached supporting documents are verified, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade will allot a IE Code for your business.

How we help with IEC code registration

Indiabizline Online Solutions can help your business obtian Import Export Code (IE Code) in 12 to 20 days, subject to Government processing time.

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