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We Provide Best Service MSME Registration &

SSI Registration in Mumbai


We Provide MSME Registration Service SSI registration in wadala & Kurla. We also Provide Free Consultant Services in Mumbai.Document Required For MSME Registration || Aadhar number, Industry name, Address, bank account details etc. MSME – Micro, Small and Medium sized enterprises in both the manufacturing and service sector can obtain MSME Registration / SSI registration.

Benefits Of MSME Registration & SSI Registration

Easy Bank Loan up to 1 Crore without collateral / mortgage

The Govt. of India and SIDBI has launched a Credit Guarantee Scheme (CGSME) to make available collateral-free credit to SMEs.

Concession in Electricity bills

Enterprises that have MSME Registration Certificate can avail Concession on electricity bill by making application to electricity department.

Special 50% discount on Govt. fees for Trademark & Patent

Enterprises that have MSME Certificate can avail 50% subsidy for patent & trademark registration.

Preference in procuring Government tenders

The Government of India gives special preference in buying from Micro and Small businesses through Govt. tenders.

Protection against the delay in payment from Buyers

Maximum period for payment for purchases from MSME shall not exceed 45 days, in case of delay, the buyer is liable to pay interest to the SME supplier, at 3 times of the bank rate.

Fast resolution of disputes

Enterprises undergoing a dispute with regard to payments may refer the dispute to the MSME Facilitation Council for conciliation & arbitration.

1% exemption on interest rate on Bank Over draft (OD)

Enterprises that have MSME Registration can avail benefit of 1% exemption on interest rate on over draft (OD).

Tax Rebates

MSME / SSI registration businesses enjoy multiple income taxes and capital gains tax subsidies from the government.

Document Required

  • Aadhar number.
  • Industry name.
  • bank account details.
  • Address Proof.
  • Copies of Sale Bill and Purchase Bill.
  • Partnership Deed/ MoA and AoA.
  • Copy of Licenses and Bills of Machinery Purchased.

MSME Registration Process

  • The registration the small and medium scale industry owner has to fill a single form which he can do online as well as offline.
  • If a person wants to do registration for more than one industry then also he/she can do individual registration.
  • To do the registration he/she has to fill a single form which is available at the website which is listed below.
  • The document required for the registration is Personal Aadhar number, Industry name, Address, bank account details and some common information.
  • In this, the person can provide self-certified certificates.There are no registration fees required for this process.
  • Once the detail-filled and upload you would be getting the registration number.
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